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What is the OLT?

What does OLT do? OLT and its junior organization (JOLT) provide the Polk County community with a number of performances, year-round, including plays, dramatic, comedic, and musical, recitals, one-person shows, in addition to quarterly gatherings of local talent, performing as musical groups and single acts of all kinds, in an event called Saturday Night at the Lyric (SNL).

It is also a venue for occasional performances by the Mena High School Theater Arts Program, and is made available for rental for performances by other individuals and organizations when a OLT or JOLT show is not in progress. For more information about renting the theater for your performance or event, call our information line at 479-243-0186, or email us at info@ouachitalittletheatre.org.

Poster for Outsiders

We are a “Little Theatre”, meaning all of our productions are staged, directed and managed by amateurs. We are told that it is hard to believe that the quality productions people see at the OLT are all the creations of a community theater with local amateur talent, but it is true.

The plays produced are usually drawn from a nationwide pool of professionally written productions, and as such, demand a production royalty. We are obligated to present the authors words, just as the words have been written, but the rest is our own. We have, from time to time, produced a play written by one of our own, as well.

OLT Today

Today OLT is a mature non-profit organization with a volunteer board of directors made up of a cross-section of dedicated community leaders and a large volunteer corps. Between the announced major performances, mostly dramatic or musical plays, and SNL, there is usually some event at OLT every month. With rental of the theater by individuals and groups for recitals, and other kinds of performances, the lights are seldom dim at 610 Mena Street. Costume rentals from our extensive wardrobe collection are also available.couple

In the Summer of 2010 a new activity for the OLT was developed, called OLT on the Road. It produces and performs plays for audiences, primarily in community theaters, in a hundred mile radius of the OLT’s home base. This division is managed by two OLT Board members, both award-winning directors, Tim Hesse and Larry Block. OLT on the Road plays are usually not the ones being performed at the OLT during its regular performance year, but are often previewed over one weekend at the OLT, before being taken on the road.


The bi-annual Benson Award is a kind of OLT version of the Oscars in Hollywood. It is named for Leda Benson, who was not only the first president of the OLT board of directors but was a prime mover in the creation of the organization, and was a director of numerous plays in the early days, as well.

OLT is always looking for volunteers. That includes actors and performers, but they don’t have to be on-stage, either. We need concession stand workers, stage hands, light and sound technicians, makeup artists, set builders and scenery painters, etc. Volunteering to work with OLT is FUN! There is a family atmosphere among all of the people who work on OLT productions and lifelong friendships are often the result.

For more information about OLT, acting, becoming a volunteer, or renting the theater for your performance or event, visit the other pages in this website, call our information line at 479-243-0186, or email us at info@ouachitalittletheatre.org. To order tickets for any performance click on the “Buy Tickets” button at the top of any of our pages.

Ouachita Little Theatre – “Come PLAY with us!”

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