The show is over but the following people did a great job.  Audiences loved the show.  Click on the title:


for a short video clip of the show

Elf, Jr. Cast List

*** Denotes solo singing parts

*** Santa Claus:  Scotty Jenkins

*** Buddy:  Timothy Lisle

*** Elf #1:  Emma Arnold

*** Elf #2:  Lilly Loyd

Elf #3:  Hannah Thacker

Elf #4:  Breanna Crider

Elf #5:  Serenity Fraiser Liles

North Pole Elves:  Aubrey Arnold, Violet Andrews, Jude Andrews,

Kylee Mowdy, Karson Mowdy, Briggs Robertson,

Finleigh Robertson, Rayven Grace Baker, Emma Vieira, Roxie Ezell, and Clover Kiersey

Charlie:  Brayden Stockton

Shawanda:  Madi Dees

Flyer Guy #1:  Cristian Miller

Flyer Guy #2:  Alexys Hilderbrand

*** Comforting New Yorker:  McKayla Lane

*** New Yorker #1:  Brithney Dilbert

*** New Yorker #2:  Whitney Dilbert

Jogger:  Brad Storey

Teenager:  Zoey Andrews

Sam:  Mikel Kenyon-Ortiz

*** Walter Hobbs:  Andy Arnold

Deb:  Abigail Baker

*** Emily Hobbs:  Amber Arnold

*** Michelle Hobbs:  Kiylee Hughes

Security Guard #1:  Cristian Miller

Security Guard #2:  Emalee Andrews

Macy’s Saleswoman (Cosmetics):  Mercedes Mowdy

Macy’s Manager:  Annalyse Baker

*** Jovie:  Morgan Caldwell

Santa’s Helper:  Jocelyn Biard

Fake Santa:  Charles Webb

Policeman #1:  Alexia Howard

Policeman #2:  Mikel Kenyon-Ortiz

Sarah:  Mercedes Mowdy

Mr. Greenway:  Akemi Richmond

Chadwick:  Jaimeson Biard

Matthews:  Bethany Sanders

*** Charlotte Dennon (news reporter):  Brithney Dilbert

*** Darlene Lambert:  Donna Sloan

*** Emma Van Brocklin:  Linda Johnson

Finale Soloist #1:  McKayla Lane

Finale Soloist #2:  Alexyss Hilderbrand

Finale Soloist #3:  Annie Baker

Finale Soloist #4:  Kate McDonald

Macy Mother:  Kristie Kenyon

Macy Child:  Jacob Kenyon-Ortiz

Macy Employee #1:  Jocelyn Biard

Macy Employees:  Whitney Dilbert, Kate McDonald, Mercedes

Mowdy, Alexyss Hilderbrand, Cristian Miller,

Bethany Sanders

Parents:  Jackie Biard, Donna Sloan, Linda Johnson, Christopher


Director: Brad Storey

Music Director: Amanda Baker

Choreographer: Julie Ulmer

Costumes: Lee Grant and Kristie Kenyon

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