Past Productions

This list is the best we have at this time.  If you know of some incorrect or additional information please let us know.

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Past OLT Productions

SHOW                                                          DIRECTOR

First Season 1979-1980

Rest in Peace                                                Leda Benson

Only an Orphan Girl                                      Leda Benson

Bus Stop                                                       Warren Rosenaur

Beauty and the Beast                                  Leda Benson


Second Season 1980-1981

Catch Me If You Can                                  Leda Benson

The Days and Nights of Beebee Fenstermaker       Latricia Lindsey

Barefoot in the Park                                       Warren Rosenaur


Third Season 1981-1982

Lil Abner                                                        Cindy Perkins

The Mousetrap                                             Leda Benson

I Never Sang for My Father             Leda Benson

Rumpelstiltskin                                     Travis Langley


Fourth Season 1982-1983

Bad Year for Tomatoes                               Jesse Dear

The Rainmaker                                              Guen Lance

On Golden Pond                                          Leda Benson


Fifth Season 1983-1984

Oklahoma                                                       Cindy Perkins

Prisoner of Second Avenue                        Ann Vaught

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                                  Leda Benson


Sixth Season 1984-1985

Count Dracula                                                Carolyn Osborn

Arsenic and Old Lace                                   Sandra Sessler

Bell, Book, and Candle                                Rudi Timmerman


Seventh Season 1985-1986

Annie                                                              Cindy Perkins

Chapter Two                                                 Richard Benson

Frankenstein                                                   Leda Benson


Eighth Season 1986-1987

Saloon Keeper’s Daughter                          Ann Vaught

A Thousand Clowns                                     Gordon Llyod

Harvey                                                           Leda Benson


Ninth Season 1987-1988

Music Man                                                     Robert Ellis

Seven-Year Itch                                            Guen Lance

See How They Run                                     Leda Benson


Tenth Season 1988-1989

All the Better to Kill                                        Gordon Lloyd

Hobson’s Choice                                         Ann Hatley

Solid Gold Cadillac                                       Jesse Dear


Eleventh Season 1989-1990

H.M.S.Pinafore                                             James Fisher

Not by a Dam Site                                       Leda Benson

The Odd Couple                                         Richard Benson


Twelfth Season 1990-1991

You Can’t Take it With You                         Jesse Dear

Saving Grace                                                Gordon Lloyd

Pool’s Paradise                                            Leda Benson


Thirteenth Season 1991-1992

Fiddler on the Roof                                       Rudi Timmerman

Glass Menagerie                                          Natalie Cole

Must Be Permanent                                     Jesse Dear


Fourteenth Season 1992-1993

Steel Magnolias                                            Jeff Ulmer

Social Security                                               Roy Vail

Sound of Music                                             Rudi Timmerman


Fifteenth Season 1993-1994

Breaking Legs                                               Gordon Lloyd

Murder at the Vicarage                                 Roy Vail

The King and I                                               Jeff Ulmer


Sixteenth Season 1994-1995

The Hobbit                                                    Lorraine Timmerman & Judy Kropp

A Christmas Carol                                        Natalie Douglas

Annie Get Your Gun                                     Vic Schell


Seventeenth Season 1995-1996

Charlie’s Aunt                                                Gordon Lloyd

Tin Types                                                      Rudi Timmerman

The Mouse that Roared                               Lorraine Timmerman


Eighteenth Season 1996-1997

Nunsense II                                                   Judy Kropp

Aspirin and Elephants                                  Roy Vail

I Never Sang for My Fatheer                      Verla Huckaby


Nineteenth Season 1997-1998

JB                                                                   Lorraine Timmerman

Petrified Forrest                                             Vic Schell & Verla Huckaby

Kiss Me Kate                                                 Rudi Timmerman


Twentieth Season 1998-1999

Little Shop of Horrors                                   Tom McClanahan

Matchmaker                                                   Eddie Huckaby

Much Ado About Nothing                            Brad Storey


Twenty-First Season 1999-2000

Our Town                                                       Eddie Huckaby

Odd Couple (Female Version)                   Jesse Foster

Oliver                                                              Rudi Timmerman


Twenty-Second Season 2000-2001

Romeo and Juliet                                          Brad Storey

Auntie Mame                                                 Eddie Huckaby

Guys and Dolls                                             Jeff Ulmer

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory            JOLT


Twenty Third Season 2001-2002

Quilters                                                           Verla Huckaby

Moon Over Buffalo                                       Roy Vail

The Wizard of Oz                                         Rudi Timmerman – April Cast

Brad Storey – May Cast

Nick at Night                                                JOLT


Twenty-Fourth Season 2002-2003

Inherit the Wind                                             Roy Vail

Death by Chocolate                                     Becky Jones

Man of La Mancha                                        Tom McClanahan

Faerie Tale Courtroom                                   JOLT


Twenty-Fifth Seasobn 2003-2004

Taming of the Shrew                                    Brad Storey

Hound of the Baskervilles                            Tom McClanahan

Nuncrackers                                        Judy Kropp

Once Upon a Mattress                                 Rudi Timmerman

Best Christmas Pageant Ever                     JOLT

Any Number Can Die                                    JOLT



Twenty Sixth Season 2004-2005

Arsenic and Old Lace                                   Eddie Huckaby

Meshuggah Nuns                                         Judy Kropp

Alice in Wonderland                                      Brad Storey

Company of Wayward Saints                    Jay Rodgers

Greater Tuna                                                  Hugh Erwin

Gift of the Magi                                              Eddie Huckaby

Alice Through the Looking Glass               JOLT


Twenty Seventh Season 2005-2006

Bus Stop                                                       Kammie Sweeten

My Fair Lady                                                 Lorraine Timmerman

Lum-n-Abner Show                                     Jay Rodgers

Midsummer’s Night Dream                          Becky Fuller

Greater Tuna Reprise                                   Hugh Erwin


Twenty Eighth Season 2006-2007

The LIfe of Christ                                          Brad Storey

Music Man                                                     Judy Kropp

Steel Magnolias                                            Tim Hesse

Teahouse of the August Moon                   Hugh Erwin

The Saloon Keeper’s Daughter                  Jeffery Matthews

Santa Sees a Shrink                                    JOLT

3-one act plays                                             OLT, JOLT, & MHS Theater Arts Class

Lum-n-Abner Show                                     Jay Rodgers

Siege of Room 304                                      JOLT


Twenty-Ninth Season 2007-2008

Fiddler on the Roof                                       Rudi Timmerman

Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap                      Tim Hesse

A Christmas Carol                                        Brad Storey

2-one acts                                                      JOLT 7 MHS Theater Arts Class

Lum-n-Abner Show                                     Jay Rodgers

Workshop                                                      Tim Hesse

Pinocchio                                                       JOLT

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark   JOLT


Thirtieth Season 2008-2009

Importance of Being Earnest                       Larry Block & Time Hesse


Camelot                                                         Renee Alcorn

2 one acts                                                      MHS Theater Arts Class

Barefoot in the Park                                       Larry Block

Velveteen Rabbit                                         JOLT

Beauty and the Beast                                  JOLT



Thirty First Season 2009-2010

The Red Lamp                                             Larry Block

Bye-Bye Birdie                                            Rudi Timmerman

The Hobbit                                                    JOLT

Steel Magnolias On the Road                     Tim Hesse

Lost in Yonkers                                            Janelle Baldwin

The Importance of Being   Uncle Roscoe            Larry Block

The Outsiders                                                      JOLT


Thirty Second Season 2010-2011

Theatre (Being Julia)                         Jeffery Matthews

Kitchen Dance (AACT Comp)                    Janelle Baldwin

The Boyfriend                                               Eddie Huckaby

The Advertures of Lum & Abner

On the Road                                     Larry Block

Once Upon a Pandora’s Box                      JOLT Smith Harrison

The Odd Couple                                         Janelle Baldwin

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever JOLT Jordan Pennington


Thirty Third Season 2011-2012

The Sound of Music                                     Rudi Timmerman

JOLT Summer Play

OLT Workshop Plays

Mad Woman of Chailot                 Tim Hesse

The Way of all Fish                           Janelle Baldwin

Dracula                                                 Larry Block

Christmas Belles                                Scotty Jenkins


Thirty Fourth Season 2012-2013

Annie Get Your Gun                                     Jeffery Matthews

Dial M for Murder                                          J. Ogger


Thirty Fifth Season 2013-2014

Murder in the Magnolias                               Tim Hesse

Willy Wonka                                                  Rudi Timmerman

Bell, Book, and Candle                                Suzanne Snow

Glass Menageria                                           Brad Storey

Little Women                                                 Mike Martin


Thirty Sixth Season 2014 – 2015

Dixie Swim Club                                           Judy Kropp

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown          Judy Kropp

Charlotte’s Web                                              Jessica Kropp

The Foreigner                                             Robby Burt


Thirty Seventh Season 2015-2016

The Lion Which and the Wardrobe          Katie O’Rear, Brad Storey, Lorraine Timmerman

Dearly Beloved                              Judy Thompson

Oliver                                               Rudi Timmerman

As You Wish It                          Logan Sweeten

Penultimate Problem of Sherlock Holmes       Scott O’Rear

Eb Scrooge     Ladonna Van Wolf


Thirty Eight Season 2017

Southern Hospitality    Scotty Jenkins

Mary Poppins   Rudi Timmerman, Jessica Kropp

Tom Sawyer (JOLT)  Scotty Jenkins

Hamlet  Brad Story, Becky Norris

Elf the Musical (JOLT)  Brad Story and Amanda Baker (music)


Thirty Ninth Season 2018

4 Weddings and an Elvis   Scotty Jenkins

Godspell  Jessica Kropp and Judy Kropp (Music)

Alice in Football Land (JOLT)  Jackie Biard

Harvey (Just 4 Fun Players) Tim Hesse

It’s A Wonderful Life Linda Johnson


Fortieth Season 2019

Farce of Nature      Scotty Jenkins

Annie.      Rudi Timmerman and Jessica Kropp

Necropolis High     Makayla Kenyon-Ortiz

Always Patsy Cline   Jessica Kropp

4 One Acts by Anton Chekhov.   John Puddington

Best Christmas Pageant Ever.       Alexa Night


Forty First Season 2020

A Midsummer Night’s Dream.    Robby and Gini Burt

12 Angry Jurors.    Scotty Jenkins

Velocity of Autumn.(at Mena Mountain Resort)   Denni Collins and Tim Hesse

Love Makes a Home.  Scotty Jenkins

Radio Land.   Scotty Jenkins

A Virtual Christmas Carol   Judy Kropp


Forty Second Season 2021

Love Letters.  Robby and Gini Burt

Greater Tuna.    Brad Story

BIG   Jessica Kropp









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