Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

images   The JOLT Christmas play —– Dec 4-6 and 11-13


Director – Katie O’Rear

Adult assistant directors  Brad Storey and Lorraine Timmerman


Gabriel Jackson- Army Member

Ben Frost- Mr. Beaver

Kayla Cunningham- Mrs. Beaver

Jake Sawyer- Mr. Tumnus

Jared Sweeten- Fenris Ulf,

Patrick Morgan- Aslan,

Caroline Morgan- White Witch (White Witches will be switching weekends)

Payton Grant- White Witch (White Witches will be switching weekends)

Tara Cornelius- Susan,

Brianna Timms- Lucy

Hailey Emerson- Army Member

Ian Cameron- Peter

Tad Eccles- Edmund

Emma Arnold- Army Member

Kara O’Donnal- Stage Hand (Wood Nymph)

Evette Harnar- Army Member

Derrek Harnar- Army Member

Britany Ducote- Dwarf,.

Skylar Siebel- Centuar

Jacob Kenyon-Ortiz- Army Member

Abigail Felix- White Stag,

Morgan Caldwell- Elf,

Joseph Bennet- Army Member

Mystery Broach- Army Member

Chance Smith- Army Member

Patience Broach- Army Member

Angel and Tia Moe- Sharing the role of the Unicorn

Trey Lacoste- Father Christmas

Zachary Giles- Stage Hand (Wood Nymph)

Kameron Posey- Stage Manager (Head Wood Nymph)

Seth Caughern- Stage Hand (Wood Nymph)

MaKayla Kenyon-Ortiz- Stage Hand (Wood Nymph)

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