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Hi, kids,

The Old Lyric Players performed at the Mena Senior Center in Nov.,and Dec. Some of the folks we performed for were appreciative. The more audibly challenged didn’t seem to know we were there at all. We had a great time and a few people expressed interest in knowing more about us, though no one new joined us at our Dec. meeting.

The Old Lyric Players have been re-thinking our goals and wants and wishes for awhile now and after a conversation with Rudi T. last month, here’s what we’re going to do:

First of all, we would like to have input from the Board and OLT/OLP members on re-naming the group. We feel the “Old” part might be misleading (old is always 15 years older than you are), and we would like to be “The Lyric Players”, or “The Lyric Readers’ Theater”. Appreciate y’all’s feedback on that.

Secondly, the group is not growing. We are sustained by a few stalwart and loyal folks. We knew from the beginning that the group would ebb and flow, come and go, as people traveled, health challenges came and went, etc. Great in theory, but if the group is too small we can’t function on that premise. We hope community support and interest is just slow to grow, so we are, too.

Thirdly, some have expressed the Winter months can be challenging and we are already not meeting in the Summer months ‘cuz most travel to the grandkids June-Aug.

As a result, unless a Marketing Guru willing and able to book and coordinate the group’s outreach and performing schedule steps up, moving forward, we are going to plan to meet in September 2017 to plan a Christmas presence at the OLT Christmas show (Judy K.?). Unless y’all contact us, or a community group contacts us and want us to be involved in some other production, we’ll plan just on that appearance next December.

So, OLP folks, unmark your calendars for the 1st Sat. of Jan.-Aug. 2017. Unless we hear otherwise, Sept. 9th, 2017 will be our next get-together to plan a Christmas performance as part of one or more nights at the Christmas play.

Be assured, we are available (with a couple weeks notice) to perform short scripts and skits at any local venue for free upon invitation.

I’m sure I’ll have reason to contact the current and prospective OLP members in the coming weeks and months. If we receive invitation(s) to perform, I’ll be in touch and we’ll continue to meet at the Subway (hwy).

Safe and Happy New Year,


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