Other OLT Membes

Memberships are $10 per person or $25 for the immediate family.

  1. Membership entitles the individual to one vote or two per family

  2. Membership covers the member or the family’s injury and liability insurance while serving as an agent of the theatre

  3. Since the insurance company requires everyone to be insured, membership is a requirement to do anything for the theatre both on stage and off


Andy Arnold

Lamar Austin

Amanda, Abigail, Ann Baker

Tom and Janelle Baldwin

Ron Beckel

Chris and Brandy Benner

Marianne Berles

Jackie Biard

Kendra Bradford

Amanda Broach

Marilyn Brown

Brandon and Ilana Burk

Candon Burrell

Robby Burt Family

Bj Burton

Don and Jane Buttermilk

Ian Cameron

Kerry and Wendy Chiapparo

Marybeth Christopher

Lana Gail Coogan

Alex and Virginia Cude

Naomi Curry

Warren and Kathy David

Brithney Dilbert

Jimmy Dilbert

Brittany Ducote

Justin Fenwick

Marvin and Ann Glenn

Rae A. Grasso

Tamara Hamelink

Harvey Brynn

Bill Hays

Phillip and Ann Hatley

Shylee Head

Edith Hebert

Donna Hendrix

Renee Hendrix

Selena Hernandez

Lyle Holman

Sharon Hose

William Hose

Kelhan Howell

Sherry Hughes

Scotty Jenkins

Linda Johnson

Linda G. Johnson

Dixie Kenyon

Jodi and Chip Koppelin

Makala Lane

Jake and Era Looney

Katlin Looney

Matt Lyle

Judy and Larry Kropp

Jake and Era Looney

Tom and Carol McClanahan

Beth McMillen

Jerod and Jennifer McPherson

Marty and Stephanie Midgette

Jacklyn Minton

Charles Morgan

Fisher Neufeld

Alexa Night

Scott O’Rear

Mitch and Dorothy Posel

Justin and Elizabeth Richmond

Jay and Joyce Rodgers

Donna Sloan

Kathy Smith

Emily Sorge

Krys Swanberg

Vic and Linda Schell

Brad Storey

Elizabeth A. Super

Michael Taylor

William and Linor Thomas

Christopher Michael Thompson

Judy Thompson

Sam and Barbara Tobias

Joyce Ward

Denie Westphal

Kelsey Wiggins

Arleen Wiley

Hannah Willis

Jeanmarie Zirger

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