The Foreigner



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Foreigner Cast List

“Froggy” Le Sueur———————-Lamar Austin

Charlie Baker —————————Scott Jenkins

Betty Meeks —————————-Judy Thompson

Rev. David Marshall Lee ————–Krys Swanberg

Catherine Simms ———————-Katelin Haines

Owen Musser ————————–Scott O’Rear

Ellard Simms ————————–Justin Fenwick

Townspeople—————————-Justin Sattler

Costumes ——————————-Judy Thompson

Props ———————————–Krys Swanberg, Katelin Haines

 Sound ———————————-Rudi Timmerman,  Randa  Burt

Light Crew —————————–Robby Burt, Scott O’Rear, Justin Fenwick, April Burt

Stage Crew —————————-Makayla Kenyon-Ortiz

Thank you to all who auditioned and volunteered to work on crews.  I’m so excited to begin rehearsal on Monday, August 17th at 6:00 p.m. in the OLT Theatre.  I’ll have scripts there.     Robby


S/Sgt. “Froggy” LeSueur- Englishman in late 40’s and is a British Army demolitions expert.  Has taken Charlie to America due to Charlie’s marital problems.

Charlie Baker-Englishman in late 40’s that works as a proofreader for a science-fiction magazine.  Travelling to U.S. with Froggy due to his marital problems.

Betty Meeks- 70ish, speaks with a hardy local Georgia accent, and is the owner of the fishing lodge.   Loves to collect spoons.

Rev. David Marshall Lee-(25-35), a regular guy with a sense of humor, and he is engaged to Catherine Simms.  David is a distant relation of Robert E. Lee.

Catherine Simms-(17-30) Has inherited the family money, a debutante, and is engaged to Rev. David Marshal Lee.  She and her brother now live with Betty.

Owen Musser-(25-65) County property inspector.  Psychologists tell us to beware of a man with two tattoos.  One, he may have gotten on a drunk or a dare.  But two means he went back.  Owen is a two-tattoo man!

Ellard Simms(15-25) Catherine’s brother.  A backward youth that is very awkward.  He spends much of his time kneading something tiny and invisible in front of his chest.

Call Robby Burt at 479-394-7622 ex. 1338 for more information.

Rehearsal Calendar for The Foreigner


September 18 Work set afternoon/rehearse

September 19 Work set 9 am-noon

September 21 Rehearse 6-9 pm

September 22 Rehearse 6-9 pm

September 24 Rehearse 6-9 pm

September 25 Work set afternoon/rehearse

September 26 Work set 9 am-noon

September 28 Rehearse 6-9 pm

September 29 Rehearse 6-9 pm

October 1 Rehearse 6-9 pm

October 2 Work set afternoon/rehearse

October 3 Work set 9 am-noon

October 5 Rehearse 6-9 pm

October 6 Rehearse 6-9 pm

October 7 Possible rehearsal day?

October 8 Rehearse 6-9 pm

October 9 Work set afternoon/rehearse

October 10 Work set 9 am-noon

October 12 Final Tech Rehearsal (all tech complete)

October 13 Dress Rehearsal

October 14 Dress Rehearsal

October 15 Final Dress Rehearsal

October 16 7:30 pm show

October 17 7:30 pm show

October 18 2:30 pm matinee show

October 20 pick-up rehearsal

October 22 pick-up dress rehearsal

October 23 7:30 pm show

October 24 7:30 pm show

October 25 2:30 pm matinee show  (strike)

October 25 2:30 pm matinee show  (strike)

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