2024-04-24 Board Meeting Minutes

Date :  April 24, 2024

Board members present:

XAlex NightXJered Biard
  XRobby Burt
XJulie UlmerXAnn Glenn
XBill HaysEXCJessica Kropp
XLindaXRobert Canterbury
EXCLamar AustinXRudi Timmerman
XAmanda BakerXGini Burt

Guests: Zeke McPherson, Makayla Barber, LaDonna Barber, Lexie Payne

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by President Alex Night

  • Minutes for the previous two meetings were sent out via email April 11th.     There were no corrections.     Robert made a motion to accept minutes as read.  Ann seconded the motion and the minutes for both meetings were approved.
  • Bill Hays reported the account balances as follows:

Arvest (General)  $2687.56 

Union Bank (Building)  $8149.87

First Financial (concessions) $3389.00 (take $2000 out for Brad)

  • Financial Report: The stock sale is complete and $15,000.00 is in a 2 month CD @ 5.2% maturing in June.  I’ll get current financials when I return. I wrote a check for the balance owed Jered for $1510.80 and he will pick it up in the office. 
  • Jered’s report for Romeo & Juliet is $4,072. 
  • Lifeboat and Mermaid have been paid for.
  • Jered has been paid off for his loan. 
  • Jered made a motion that we take $2000 out of Union and $2000 out from First Financial and pay off Brad.  Robert seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Stock sale is complete from Edward Jones account.  We have approximately over $14,000. 
  • Three people need to be voted on to be signatories on all accounts. Rudi made a motion that Bill Hays, Gini Burt, & Jessica Kropp would be authorized to sign checks.  Robert seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Concessions Report: Bill Hays

  • Bill needs help.  Zeke said he would help with concessions.   Anyone else who can step up will be welcome to help.

Office/Presidents Report – Alex Night

  • Tickets for The Little Mermaid are now available on the website! In the last period, we have gained a couple of small individual and family memberships, and one commercial member renewal. 
  • I’ve been working on updating the Google Drive with photos from shows. I am also working on a project adding files with recent program photos and bios for each of our volunteers so that we can more easily grab from it for the program.
  • Note: (Added after meeting for clarification) There was a question at the meeting last night, and in general, about if character descriptions for The Little Mermaid were on the website yet. I posted the character descriptions at least a month ago on the permanent page under the tab “Audition Information.” There has since been a new post made by Jered about auditions in a different spot on the website (which is great!), but I hadn’t realized it! That post did not have the character descriptions, but when Jered asked me to add them to that post as well, I did. That is all to say that, yes, character descriptions are on the website now, but they had been prior to that as well, just in a different spot! I said this at the meeting but afterwards I learned that not everyone could hear me. Just wanted to note that! 

Artistic Director Report/Play Selection Report—Judy (sent by email)

    • From all comments and things I saw and read, it looks like Romeo and Juliet was a success!  So happy for the directors and cast members who gave their all to have a successful show.
    • So now, we start planning for the next show.  I try to keep in contact with April about every other week to see how things are progressing. She has her crew set and they are starting to think on things.  Her dates for auditions are set and have already been on Facebook as well as Instagram.  Robby and Jered are working on the set, and she informed me the steps from R&J will be used.  Psalm will be doing costumes, Zeke will be choreographer, Lexie Payne will be doing sound. Other crew members include: Asst. director Jamieson Biard, Music  – Ellie McWilliams, lighting –  Robby Burt.
    • Ann Glenn will be doing Lum and Abner here in the theatre June 7 and June 9.  I have informed April of that and she has not sent me a negative so let’s plan on that happening.  Ann hopes to do a Saturday performance at the park? I am also assuming that Ann’s performances will be in front of the curtain.  Let me know if I am wrong on that.  (Ann said she agrees with this during the meeting.)
    • I have not been given any play suggestions nor have I heard any more from Directors.  I am hoping that Jered will come through for this December, and it looks like Gini and Robby may do next Feb.   Have not seen scripts from either one. (In the meeting, Gini said she is not planning on them doing a play for February.) 
    • This concludes Judy’s report.
    • During the meeting, Jered said is still considering his options for a Christmas show.  He has not found anything he is passionate about. He does not want to do a children’s show.  He will consider doing a Christmas musical if he gets support from the board, which he did.  One that he is looking at is “The Winter Wonderettes” or “Silver Belles.”  These would be just a small cast of four or five strong female singers and a band.  He also mentioned “White Christmas” but it would be a major production with a big budget and cast, so the other two musicals would be stronger contenders.

    House—Alex for VP –.

    • Thanks to all those who helped with the big cleanup in the green room.
    •  Thanks to Jered for spearheading the cleanup and organization of the shed.
    •  Thanks to Rudi for getting the sconce repaired and back up.

    IT Report—Jered –  

    • A dual drive is now set up. 
    • Alex is also working on the office computer.
    • We have pertinent folders shared to April to help her manage her own files. 
    • The webpage is updated with the OLT history and information pages that Julie submitted.

    Box office—Amanda-

    • Amanda asked how it is going with everyone buying tickets in the concession area.  Jered said it went fine for Romeo and Juliet.  Since that was a moderately attended show, it might be more difficult for a show the size of Little Mermaid . 
    • He suggested we get a second tablet for credit cards will be helpful for bigger shows.
    • Point of interest, ½ of our ticket sales were done online for Romeo and Juliet.


    • Julie announced that she will not be chairing the publicity committee after The Little Mermaid.  During the summer, she will be training our new aspiring chairman.  Zeke McPherson is seeking a board position and if elected he would like to chair the committee.   He is eager, a good writer, and is very interested in taking over this important job.   Zeke seems very capable and excited to work.
    • I plan on running for secretary again this year and I will remain on the publicity committee as back-up and for reference purposes for a year.  I hope both Alex and Rudi will remain on the publicity committee. If re-elected to the board, I will also stay on the play selection committee.
    • The advertising for The Little Mermaid auditions is out on the social media sites and the website. A detailed article was sent to the papers to be published last week.  I will follow up with the papers for another article reminding people in early May.  It is also on the Chamber of Commerce Chamber Tracks newsletter.  I will do another article once the cast has been chosen.
    • Thank you to Rudi for keeping up with Facebook and to Alex for doing the same with Instagram while I was having surgery and have been out of town a lot in April.
    • Readers Theatre – Ann
    • Readers Theatre did a performance at the Senior Center, Homewood Cottages, and Peachtree Assisted Living of a George Burns and Gracie Allen program. The entertaining piece was well received, and they were invited back to perform any time they have something to share. 
    • They are also going to do a matinee on Friday June 7 and Sunday June 9 for Lum and Abner Festival.
    • Social Committee – Linda
    • Need names of people who are going to be on the committee.  Alex will send them.
    • 12.  New Business
    • Election Chair needs to be chosen.  Robert volunteered for the job. Amanda, Ann and Linda are willing to count ballots.  
    • Those up for re-election are board members Jessica, Ann, Lamar, Rudi, and Robby.   Jered has declared his intent to run for the open position of vice president. If elected, that will open up another board member position and an additional 6th position will be open for election. In that case, members voting at the meeting can choose six names from the board member nominees listed on the ballot instead of five.
    • Zeke McPherson, Makayla Barber, Ladonna Barber, and Stef Moore will all be running for board positions this year.
    • Alex will run again for president, Jered will run for Vice President, and Julie will run for secretary.
    • Bill is deciding whether or not he will run for treasurer again.  He has some health issues that he needs to consider.  We all wish him the very best on his upcoming procedures.
    • Amanda made a motion to hold the next board meeting on Tuesday May 21 at 5:00 PM and the Annual Business Meeting will be immediately following at 6:00 PM.  Linda seconded it.  Motion passed.
    • The Annual Membership Meeting will be Tuesday May 21st   at 6 PM following the May board meeting at 5 PM at the OLT.  It will be publicized on social media and news outlets.
    • 13.  Adjourn.
    • Jered made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Ann.  Motion carried.
    • Alex adjourned the meeting at 6:09 PM
    • Minutes submitted by Julie Ulmer, Secretary

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