Rent the OLT for Your Performance or Event!

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The OLT is available for rent for $250.00 per day for individual or group performances or events, as long as there is not a scheduled OLT or JOLT performance scheduled. Additional full or partial days for rehearsal or preparation will be charged at $100.00 per day. Click here to make contact about a rental or call (479) 216-2538.

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There may be times during which a play is in preparation (usually up to two weeks in advance of a performance, e.g. ongoing rehearsals, scenery construction, etc.), when the theater is not in a condition conducive to an outside rental, and therefore will not be available.


Concessions are always provided by OLT at every performance or event held at our facility. The profit from these concessions supports the OLT.

The Board of Directors of the OLT reserves the right to refuse rental to any outside organization or individual at the sole discretion of the Board.


Click here for a copy of the rental agreement