Monty Python Cast and Crew Announcement

Monty Python's Edukational Show

Auditions for this show took place last week. Below, you will find the folks who have been cast. You will note that roles are not listed. This is because this show requires a comedy troupe whose members will be asked to fill a variety of roles throughout the show. We are so excited to get started on this production!! Rehearsals will start on Tuesday! I have also listed the crew, including gaps we have yet to fill. If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining the show, please reach out to let us know!

Our Comedy Troupe:

  • Jaimeson Biard
  • April Burt
  • Hayden Copelin
  • Ari Davison
  • Emma Ferguson
  • Grey Goforth
  • Jordann Kenyon
  • Jacob Kenyon-Ortiz
  • Ann Loyd
  • Anthony Neumann
  • Jonah Rogan

Musical Accompaniment:

  • April Burt – Piano


  • Jered Biard – Director
  • MaKayla Kenyon-Ortiz – Assistant Director
  • April Burt – Musical Director & Choreography
  • Lexi Payne – Stage Manager
  • Judy Kropp – Artistic Director
  • Psalm Wistrand – Costumes
  • Linda G. Johnson – Props
  • Mia Goforth – Makeup
  • Des Myers & Don Buttermilk – Sound
  • TBD – Lights & Spots
  • MaKayla Kenyon-Ortiz – Effects Coordinator
  • Mikayla Barber, Helen Peterson – Stage Crew

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