2023-03-22 Board Meeting Minutes

Ouachita Little Theatre Board Minutes


Present: Lamar, Bill, Rudi, Julie, Alex, Jered, Jessica, Brad

Guest: Linda Johnson

Alex called meeting to order.

Julie made the motion to accept minutes.  Lamar seconded.  Motion passed.

Office report

2 Family memberships sold

Bensons-invitations are being assembled now and will be going out this week.

21 votes have happened for the Bensons

A recap of all the Benson meetings was sent out  a couple of weeks ago.

No mice as residents of the office at this time

Artistic Director

Lana Gail Report- 32 tickets  They are not to move lights, 

My recommendation is not to deal with Remnants of Rock.Jess made a motion, Brad seconded, motion passed

Maybe find a local to sponsor (business or individual) to put in $1000.towards these groups that we bring in. 

All the shows on our schedule for the rest of the year are paid for.


Set construction for Little Shop  $200.

Plant construction                      $300

Costumes                                    $500.


Reimbursements for all things for a play have a maximum 60 days to get turned in.   Motion made by Jessica, Lamar, motion passed

$670 deposit for rent and $522.00 electric bill have been paid.

 Arvest has $939 

$14487.  Union Bank Account 

939 First Financial-concessions

House committee-Brad

Brad has been the gopher with the set for all those working

Trial before mouse delayed.  Seems we no longer have them so nothing is necessary but we will wait to see.

Flapping thing on the marquee will be fixed this weekend.  It is letting moisture get into the marquee.

Sandy Henley has made a dozen of the reserved seat covers.


We are posting reminders for voting

Short announcement on Radio to remind for voting

Pulse and The Star have both posted an article on LanaGail.

Lana will be taking care of ads

Lana will be trying to get an interview with the radio.

Little Shop had its first solo article with cast members.

Facebook and Instagram have already started advertising for Little Shop

Start Fantasticks publicity a month before her auditions.

Publicity-A frame-to put outside the office to let people know what show is on and when the office is open.

Play Selection committee will not be meeting until we have all read Anne Frank, Conn. Yankee, and Lifeboat.  Then we will vote.

Internet is now working great!

 Box office for Lana – Mikayla, Amanda, and Linda  will cover

Nominating committee-Lamar, Rudi, Jessica with Lamar head of the committee.  Julie will send him a list of what she did to prepare last time.

Motion to adjourn, Brad and Lamar seconded motion passed.

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