2023-05-24 Board Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2023

Present: Ann Glenn, Robbie Burt, Julie Ulmer, Lamar Austin, Alex Night, Jessica Kropp, Jered Biard, Rudi Timmerman,  Judy Kropp and guest Makayla Barber. Those absent were Brad Story, Bill Hays, Amanda Baker.

Ann Glenn made the motion, Jessica seconded that the minutes were approved from the last meeting.

Financial report:

Arvest $1716.66

First Financial   $944.45

Union Bank   $14874.87

Office report

77 Tickets sold for the Bensons

Have more memberships added this month

Benson awards have been proofed, no cost known yet.

Jered will bring black velvet material to cover the trophies

Set up time is Thursday at 10 am ALL board members are to be there to help get ready.

½ sheet cake from Walmart feeds 50 people-$42.00, at  James the cost is $28.99.  We authorized Linda to get it at James.

Playbills will be made from Rudi, to put on the centerpieces.  Made on cardstock.

After the BEnsons, Alex will be doing  a cleanout of the office

Artistic Director

Little Shop of Horrors

It was a great show

Congrats to Alex for a great show

There was an injured crew member.  But she is doing OK.  Do not follow up on that.

Caitlin Cannon

Going to cancel that show

People that wanted to rent theatre once every month or bi monthly

I have contacted that we were not interested in renting


Has started

Great cast

April has everyone in place

Last week of July/ first of August


Logo has come but it is very simple and a little disappointing.

We may improve and get it OKd thru company.


Rudi created panels for the lights for the performances.  They looked great!.

Still pending about the dropping of the floor.

The plant is stored on the left side mezzanine.


Pulse was very disappointing Julie broke the contract with them.Bill will not pay for that.

Mena Star was wonderful! – picture in paper and article.

Play Selection

Are ready for this year.

Have winter play in January and a hot play in April.

Conn Yankee is questionable.  Not thrilled with the script and there was some opinion that something better known will attract out of towners where we are not sure about Conn. Yankee would.

It was suggested that we do the Last  Lifeboat in January, and do a good comedy in April, Anne Frank in October

Jocelyn Biard is interested in directing.  She will assist her father in October so would be ready to possibly do the April show.We have talked to April about the summer doing a Jr. Musical.

IT report

Very simple build for Fantasticks which will give Jered more time to work on IT stuff.

Box Office

No report

Readers Theatre

Scripts have arrived for Gift of the Magi

Monthly meeting will be held next week

Ann Glenn needs to get with other venues and also make a list of what they have read and what is available for them to get ready to prepare for future performances.

Julie moved to adjourn and Lamar seconded., motion carried.

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