2023-05-24 General Membership Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting

May 24, 2023

16 members were present which made a quorum.

Alex Night opened the meeting at 6:14 pm 

Judy Kropp read the minutes from the last General Membership meeting in 2022.
Rudi Timmerman  made the motion to accept the minutes, Lamar Austin, seconded and the motion passed.

Bill Hays was unable to attend the meeting.  Jessica Kropp read the totals in each of our bank accounts.

Arvest   $1716.66

First Financial   $944.45

Union Bank   $14,674.87

President  Yearly Report

  • Matilda, directed by  Jessica Kropp was the first thing after the elections and it was a huge success! It was voted Best Performance of 2022 by the Mena Star!  We turned away about 25 people at the last performance.
  • We rented our office space to Logan Byrd who has been great and hopefully will renew his rental agreement.  Suite A was repaired for him to move in.
  • Brad Story painted the Office which is now a welcoming place for our patrons.  Alex hopes to straighten it up soon.  The ceiling tiles were replaced but unfortunately we were still getting leaks when it rains sideways.  Brad has now completely fixed the marquee and will replace the rest of the ceiling tiles again.
  • The summer play, a JOLT event was Monty Python directed by Jered Biard was a success.
  • Silas Marner written and directed by Brad Story was in the fall and was very well received.
  • Suessified Christmas Carol had some problems with attendance at practices and is one of the reasons we are going to go a different route for this coming year.
  • A couple special events included Harmony in December, Roy Orbison in January, and Lana Gale with Women of Country in March
  • Amanda Baker directed You Can’t Take It With You which was a wonderful show.
  • Burn the Mortgage is still short $1500 to repay Brad. Judy reported that we were still short of $1500 to pay back Brad. Judy said this was the end of her working on this campaign.  She is tired and done and has exhausted her resources. Rudi made a motion that we pay off Brad ( possibly $4000 ) for the Burn the Mortgage from the building fund.  Jered seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Little Shop of Horrors just ended and had great audiences and great success. It was lots of fun!
  • Please come see The Fantasticks in July/August..
  • Almost 500 followers on Instagram. 1500 followers on Facebook. These are very different platforms and so that means different things on each but what we see is lots of engagement and interest on both.

Election was run by Lamar Austin.

Alex Night as President, Brad Story as Vice President, Julie Ulmer as Secretary, Bill Hays as Treasurer.  Election was by acclamation.

Those up for board positions- Amanda Baker, Jered Biard, LInda Johnson, Robert Canterbury. Gini Burt was nominated by Julie Ulmer.  Voting was done by acclamation.

Jessica made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Julie seconded and motion passed.

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