Burn the Mortgage Campaign!

Burn the Mortgage Campaign!

The Lyric building which houses the Ouachita Little Theatre has an important milestone is 2023; it is going to be 100 years old! To celebrate this event, OLT has an important goal in mind.  We want to own our building outright, so we are starting a campaign to Burn our Mortgage! 

Chairperson of this campaign, Judy Kropp, states that she “was spurred on” by a comment made from one of the former OLT charter members stating that “If 30 people in Mena would give a gift to OLT of $1000 each, we could pay off the mortgage!”  Judy recognized this statement was not only true, but attainable. Therefore, the OLT board members are seeking folks to be part of an active campaign to “Burn the Mortgage” by making donations, not only large, but small!

The Lyric Building has provided generations of Polk County people with fond memories of entertainment. We often have people come into the building that remember going to the movies when they were children or with their high school sweethearts.  It began with silent films in the early 1920s, followed by the first “talkie” film, then personal Lum and Abner appearances and their film’s national premiere.  Since 1985 when OLT purchased the building, the Lyric stage has been filled with live performances of plays, musicals, music and dance groups. 

It is a stalwart goal of OLT to protect this building which is a treasure in this community. It has survived, tornado strikes, fire, water damage, and more.  We pledge to take care of it and preserve it for more generations to come!  Please join us in this worthy commitment by sharing whatever donations you can.  You can mail a check to OLT, PO Box 1217, Mena, AR 71953 (please indicate “burn the mortgage on the memo line) or drop by the OLT office Thursdays and Fridays between 2-6 PM or Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM.  Thank you in advance for your support!!!!

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